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Epub ➝ Doctor Who  Author Justin Richards – Sunkgirls.info This Is An Action Packed Original Fiction For Younger Doctor Who Fans, Starring The Eleventh Doctor With His Companions Amy Pond And Rory Williams These Double Fronted Books Each Contain Two Fast Paced, Fun Filled Adventures Heart Of Stone A Monster Made From Moon Rock Is Attacking An Earth Farm In Heart Of Stone Everything It Touches Turns To Stone Even People Can The Doctor, Amy And Rory Find Out What The Creature Wants Before It S Too Late Death Riders The Galactic Fair Has Arrived On The Mining Planet Of Stanalan And The Death Ride Roller Coaster Is Really Drawing In The Crowds But There S Something Sinister Going On Behind All The Fun Of The Fair Join The Doctor, Amy And Rory As They Investigate

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  1. Mark Mark says:

    HEART OF STONEReally not the best story written at all and whilst I ve read worse Doctor Who novels I have read manythat are of a higher standard than this one Being part of a 2in1 omnibus, at 200 pages long and being aimed at children I really didn t expect too much from this book But there are alot of childrens b

  2. Michael Kelly Michael Kelly says:

    Two Doctor Who novellas in a single volume, by two stalwart gents of the Doctor Who fiction range.Justin Richards always delivers a solid tale, and Death Riders is no exception It features a marvelous concept a travelling space fair constructing a roller coaster through the tunnels and shafts of a mining asteroid However,

  3. Mel Mel says:

    This book came free with an issue of the Doctor Who kids magazine I was expecting it to be totally dire A kids book about an Evil carnvial and roller coaster What were they thinking But honestly it wasn t nearly as bad as I expected and parts of it were quite enjoyable First of all it started with the death of someone which is goo

  4. Gary Gary says:

    Death Riders Death Riders was an enjoyable book It feltenjoyable and fun than Heart of Stone although in no way did it feel lighter This is a pretty dark children s novel Compared to adults books it s nothing though This book is very enjoyable it has many great things including setting, characters, mystery, suspense and action The bad thi

  5. Cameron Smith Cameron Smith says:

    Nice light fun Doctor Who stories Heart of Stone was a little predictable, but it was a good fun kind of predictable Death Riders had a littleoriginality, and I quite enjoyed reading about the draxxon and ol Perpetual Pete.I may be a bit biased as a fan of the Eleventh Doct...

  6. Nicholas Whyte Nicholas Whyte says:

    of the double Doctor Who books published earlier this year, two 200 page novels bolted together Baxendale s Heart of Stone is set in an English farmhouse where things start turning to moon rock, and the Doctor has to put things right reminded me of that much better YA novel where moon rock starts animating the exhibits in the New York Natural History Mus

  7. Julia Julia says:

    Remember, the two stars above mean it was okay Which it is, not much stronger than that, though.One of those novellas, where two are published together as one, this one is a middle grade novel Or maybe it s just simple A mo...

  8. Evie Evie says:

    A cute simpler Doctor Who read These weren t nearly as in depth as the New Adventure novels but as a huge 11 fan I will read anything I can get my hands on Really cute If you love the 11th Doctor I m pretty sure you ll love this even though the plot is easier to digest.

  9. Rhys Jones Rhys Jones says:

    A very fun read, full of neat little ideas and lots of action For anyone who enjoys Doctor Who, this is a good quick read.

  10. Matt Harrison Matt Harrison says:

    i loved it

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