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[Ebook] ↠ Hello, Good-bye Author Arlene Alda – Sunkgirls.info Very nice opposites book, most of these type are illustrations it s nice to finally see one with really photos of things kids might actually see. A good concept book about opposites with accompanying pictures I read this book to a very young toddler She understood most concepts We were a little confused with straight and slanted Other than that, it was a fun book. I like Arlene Alda s works, but have mixed results with them when reading them to children Some like Here a Face, There a Face are tremendously popular Others just get sort of a nod and a look like can we move on Hello, Good bye lies somewhere s in between The problem being that the photographs aren t necessarily the best for small fry.Cold and Hot, for example, are well done There s an evergreen covered with snow on one page and a palm tree on a beach on the opposing page The images are attractive and convey the ideas well But to give you an example of where things don t work out as well, let s look at Old and New.In both cases there is architecture An old building Europe on a river versus a new abstract looking building Now you and I and even older kids would understand why one would think the abstract painting building was New but two year olds don t have the cultural context to make that connection and heaven knows but most children I know aren t that interested in buildings.T ages 1 5 The thing I appreciated the most out of this opposites book is that the images were photographs and not illustrations Some children might benefit from seeing real life examples rather than drawings The represented opp Photos from around the world depict opposite words in full color splendor Good for beginner readers, but also for starting ESL students, and memory care patients because there is only one word per page and where humans are featured, adults are pictured. I am totally biased with photography in children s books I love it when you are teaching concepts and this one is no exception Bright colors and fun examples that would leave the child asking some questions Fun book all around ages 2 opposites, photo illustrations Nice book of opposites with wonderful photographs PDF Hello, Good Bye By Arlene Alda Petrasrobert.eu An Opposites Book Like No Other From The Inimitable Arlene Alda Author Photographer Arlene Alda Is Back With Another Delightful Photo Essay This Time She Tackles The Concept Of Opposites With Her Keen Sense Of Humor And Sharp Eye This Slightly Off Beat Collection Of Images Is Fodder For The Imagination An Opposites Book Like No Other For Children From Five To Eight, And Those Who Still Remember The Magic Of First Discoveries, Arlene S Through The Lens Perceptions Offer New Ways To See And Think About Those Remarkable Everyday Things Around Us This Is The Fourth Book In A Series That Not Only Instructs But Also Raises Visual Awareness And Fine Tunes Observational Skills Look For The Book Of ZZZs, Did You Say Pears , And Here A Face, There A Face. A good resource to teach children about opposites Single words partnered with complimentary photos to describe the word action For the very introductory reader.

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