10 thoughts on “The Flood

  1. Eliana Rivero Eliana Rivero says:

    Es m s un 3,5 Es interesante el desenvolvimiento de Besson ante la vida A mi parecer, tiene algo de existencialista, y quiz atrevi ndome a decir surrealista, pero un poco banal El tema fundamental de la novela es la muerte y el tr nsito que se da entre la vida y la muerte, los l mi

  2. Brett Brett says:

    Sure, this book is going to make you roll your eyes plenty of times the first 40 pages in particular and some of the themes have been explored by better writers Sartre Camus , but give Le Clezio credit for creating a meticulously detailed world of despair The book serves as a warning aga

  3. Jesse K Jesse K says:

    The Flood was greater than Fever to the extent that Fever was greater than The Interrogations Were these three books Le Clezio s only books, they would be the literary equivalent of Warsaw Unknown Pleasures Closer.

  4. Phil Phil says:

    The last time I picked up a book solely because it was labeled Nobel Prize Winner the book was The Feast of the Goat by Mario Vargas Llosa That was a perceptive book about the legacy of dictatorship This is boring, pretentious, and uselessly difficult.

  5. Ricardo Munguia Ricardo Munguia says:

    Siento una especie de remordimiento al tratar de dar una rese a de la novela por que no la recuerdo del todo, pero me recuerda a la novela El Extranjero de Albert Camus, solo que una versi n m s extensa Una visi n existencial de un hombre, Fran ois Besson, que se derrumba tras cometer un asesinato y empie

  6. metaphor metaphor says:

    Remember the letters we used to write each other in the old days Funny the way we invented excuses to send a letter, anything would do Remember But that s all over and done with now I can t use dodges like that anyEven with you Even if I could be certain you d understand Even if I was sure you wouldn t tell me

  7. Harald Harald says:

    The author was famous already as a young man in the 1960s, but it took him another forty years to win the Nobel Prize Almost as long The Deluge has been sitting unread in my bookshelf until I finally got around to read it in a Norwegian translation this summer It is a novel to test the reader s patience Especially...

  8. Magdalena Magdalena says:

    Definitivamente me retiro por ahora, pasar un largo tiempo antes de que lo retome Las razones por las que decid abandonar esta lectura son 1 Me deprimi mucho pero de una manera autodestructiva y sin dejarme realmente un mensaje Hay libros que te ponen triste, pero te transmiten un mensaje Siento que ste s lo me dejo mucha

  9. the gift the gift says:

    this is not where to start reading le clezio, not where to end, not where to judge his worth if you can make it through a very difficult prologue, he does introduce characters, offer some happenings if not plot or story, offer some speech though this is mostly monologue on tape or elliptical dialog that describes characters and

  10. Ana Vlădescu Ana Vlădescu says:

    well if that wasn t weird i don t know what is i m giving it three stars liked it , beacuse i understood way too little of it to really like it which would be four stars i ain t that smart. yet what i did understand about this is how complex can language be it amazed me how a man can express himself page after page with constantly dif

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