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Trust No One PDF ✓ Trust No  PDF/EPUB or A double homicide and a missing woman lead a detective to unearth disturbing secrets in this gripping thriller from USA Today bestselling author Debra WebbIt s the worst possible time for Detective Kerri Devlin to be involved in an all consuming double homicide case She s locked in a bitter struggle with her ex husband and teenage daughter, and her reckless new partner is anything but trustworthyStill, she has a job to do there s a killer at large, and a pregnant woman has gone missing Once Devlin and her partner get to work, they quickly unearth secrets involving Birmingham s most esteemed citizens Each new layer of the investigation brings Devlin closer to the killer and the missing woman, who starts looking like a suspect than a victimBut just as answers come into view, the case twists, expands, and slithers into Devlin s personal life There s a much sinister game at work, one she doesn t even know she s playing and she must unravel the truth once and for all to stop the killer before she loses everything

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  1. Maureen ~Bitch Can Write A Book Maureen ~Bitch Can Write A Book says:

    Another riveting page turner by the master Debra Webb.I just finished last night and I m still mulling it all over I have to say that one characters fate as left me feeling some kind of wayInteresting characters, an extremely dark and twisted plot with so many bad guys Conspiracy, political chicanery and murderso much murder And when pasts begin to be unearthed, well let s say the present is truly not what it seems All this while Detective Devlin deals

  2. Jamie Jack Jamie Jack says:

    Drama and DangerI enjoy a good detective drama and thriller every now and then, so I was drawn to this book when I saw it at one of my favorite book review sites The book pulls you in from the very first, very dramatic scene where our female lead is in grave danger The author wrote it brilliantly, from the tight perspective of the heroine as she is facing down a bad guy and even losing her grip on consciousness Not an easy thing to convey well, that s for cert

  3. RedRedtheycallmeRed RedRedtheycallmeRed says:

    In this book, as in every city across America, the wealthy and the politically connected get away with stuff that no one else could So unweaving the web of lies and coverups was the best part of this book Devlin and Falco are new partners, but learn to work together well quite quickly Not all of the turns the case takes are believable, as Devlin and her family friends is personally connected to too much of the case I grew bored with Devlin s angst about her teenage d

  4. Cindy Reifel Cindy Reifel says:

    Detectives Devlin and Falco, of the Birmingham, Alabama PD, are new partners and, suddenly thrust into the double murder investigation of one of the most prominent families in town Devlin is already dealing with her daughter wanting to spend the summer in NY with her worthless ex husband The last thing she needs is a new partner that she doesn t know, much less trust Falco has been deep undercover for another PD for 9 years and, has a history of now following the rules Ther

  5. Vickie Vickie says:

    Debra Webb s latest suspense thriller is a blockbuster for sure The story of Detectives Kerri Devlin and Falco is spun quickly into a web of deceit and twists that makes it hard to guess whodunit Perfect read for fans of mystery and suspense The thriller part comes in with the fast pace and the crimes that are committed against some of the most powerful and wealthy families in Birmingham, Alabama I read several books at a time, but I have to say that this one was hard to put down

  6. Lori Lori says:

    Debra Webb tells a story that you will not be able to guess or put down The steady pace keeps you hanging on and doesn t let go Detective Kerri Devlin from Major Investigations has just acquired a new partner much to her chagrin Detective Devlin and her new partner, also new to the specialized department, Detective Falco, are investigating a double homicide, maybe triple if the missing pregnant wife isn t found fast One of the deceased is rich and comes from a family of money and power T

  7. Tammy Morse Tammy Morse says:

    Debra Webb wrote book with a title Trust No One makes you think what is this book is going to be about Well that was me and I dove into it and there was two homicide detectives in Birmingham, Alabama who have there hands full They are new partners don t know how each other work a homicide case well here goes there first one Detective Kerri Devlin and Detective Falco are sent to a home that is the start of this consumed cased They find a dead husband and a dead mother in law but they can t Debra

  8. Elaine Elaine says:

    Another Fabulous Book by Debra Webb. each book I read by this author gets better and better Her books keep me up into the wee hours of the mornings. pulling at me not letting me go to sleep because they are that good you have to know who done itDetective Kerri Devlin, and her new partner. have a double homicide the husband and mother in law both shot dead..The missing wifeThis town is so full of secrets Trust no one in Birmingham Alabama. Everyone has a secret to keep And they wo Another Fabulous Book

  9. Melissa May Melissa May says:

    Debra Webb did it again, what a thrilling read A real page turner Great plot and interesting characters I liked the heroine Detective Kerry Devlin, she s got a lot on her plate with solving this case with her new partner and dealing with her ex husband and taking care of her teenage daughter I hope this book is the start of a series because I would love to readabout Kerry Devlin and Falco This book has it all, intrigue, suspense and murder I highly recommend this book and give it fi Debra Webb did it again,

  10. Desiree Leonard Desiree Leonard says:

    Another one of Deborah webs amazing stories I can never get tired of her books never is 1 book the same as another This book really grabs your attention till the very Last page The way she writes makes you feel like you have been sucked in to the book living it day to day Love that feeling This book is definitely for all who loves a who done it book a great mystery with a lot of twists and turns A greaAnothert summer read for all.

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