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[Ebook] ↠ Dear Ava  Author Ilsa Madden-Mills – Sunkgirls.info WSJ Bestselling Author Ilsa Madden Mills Delivers A Gripping Enemies To Lovers, Secret Admirer, High School RomanceThe Rich And Popular Sharks Rule At Prestigious, Ivy Covered Camden Prep Once Upon A Time, I Wanted To Be Part Of Their World Until They Destroyed MeThe Last Thing I Expected Was An Anonymous Love Letter From One Of Them Please I Hate Every One Of Those Rich Jerks For What They Did To Me The Question Is, Which Shark Is My Secret Admirer Knox, The Scarred QuarterbackDane, His Twin BrotherOr Chance, The Ex Who Dumped Me Dear Ava,Your Eyes Are The Color Of The Caribbean SeaWait That S StupidWhat I Really Mean Is, You Look At Me And I Feel Something REALIt S Been Ten Months Since You Were Here, But I Can T Forget YouI Ve Missed Seeing You Walk Down The HallI Ve Missed You Cheering At My Football GamesI Ve Missed The Smell Of Your HairAnd Then Everything Fell Apart The Night Of The KeggerDon T Hate Me Because I M A SharkI Just Want To Make You MineStillMature Content Recommended For A Short Excerpt Of Dear Ava Appeared In Team Player No Longer Available This All New, Full Length Version Is Pages And , Words Betrayal, pain, loyalty, love and most prevalent of all the desire for REVENGE Being the girl no one believes makes Ava s return so much sweeter because she will stop at nothing to take down the one who hurt her All she wants is the truth to be exposed She never saw that finding that truth would lead her down the road of love but is she ready to give her all when she s not even sure who she is any Knox has made it his mission to do what he can to help Ava the beautiful blonde he used to torment, the strong soul who has always held his attention As they get closer to finding the truth both come close to facing a losses they can t afford and love just isn t enough, but maybe just maybe it will find its way I read Dear Ava in the anthology and I was instantly hooked I couldn t eat for this full story and see what fate had in store for Knox and Ava and I definitely didn t see all of this coming Ilsa wrote an amazing story about the inner strength of a person and how truly healing love can be Even if it means walking away Worldwide DEAR AVA to Goodreads 4.5 Stars.Dear Ava is a difficult book Without skirting around the first chapter opens with the heroine waking up after being drugged and abused at a keg party And even though there s no description of the abuse on the page, it is tense enough to read about it And it s a very complicated place for a book to start.Then we cut to 9 months later, due to many circumstances Ava is going back to the same school where the possible abuser is from He was never caught, and a lot of victim blaming happened But Ava has always had a tough life, and she wants to 1 show that they can t break her and 2 find out who the guy was and get some revenge.In the midst of this very serious plot, she finds a letter in her locker from a secret admirer Enter Knox, a brooding quarterback with a huge scar on his face, that despite his scary looks has a tormented but sweet heart.This book kind of gave me 13 reasons why vibes, in the sense of going under the layers of what can happen in the worst scenarios of high school, and the dangers of parents and teachers turning a blind eye But, it was very carefully written and ended up being a story of how two broken people can help each other Knox was the perfect hero, he was kind and respectful and slowly he could let Ava trust another person.I think it s so hard to have such a serious plot and weave a romance into it but Ilsa Madden Mills pulled it off, an the overall result was great and the ending made perfect sense Ava was such a strong heroine, and while I hurt so much for her I was so proud of her bravery.Beware of trigger warnings if this is a difficult subject for you Thank you Social Butterfly PR and Ilsa Madden Mills for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Ten months ago something happened to Ava at a school bonfire.Now she s finally back at the elite private school near Nashville.She doesn t really belong there she s a scholarship girl She s not one of the millionaire kids She s an 18 year old semi orphan living in a home run by nuns.The kids at school all think she s a snitch for telling the police about what happened at that party Everybody hates her.And then she finds a letter from one of the football guys But who Her ex One of the hot twins The new guy Whatever she doesn t have time for romance anyway She has to concentrate on school Her dream is it to get into Vanderbilt College and to make a great life for her and her little brother I LOVED IT Such a beautiful young new adult highschool dramance Our darlings are going through some very sad and heartbreaking and serious issues and the reader just wants to fast forward to when they can all live happily ever after in their new and perfect lives But of course Ava has to fight really hard for that happy end It s not easy being back at that school and it s not easy falling for one of the guys she has hated ever since she stepped foot in this school three years ago.I loved reading this book Ava is amazing She fights so hard to make a life for Tyler and herself And now maybe she doesn t have to fight so hard all on her own But can she trust him There are still some secrets left to unveil let s hope we ll get our happy end PS the cover YUM DEAR AVA was a beautiful love story Starting with this gorgeous cover all the pretty words inside and the whole cast Such a heartbreaking exciting mysterious funny sweet YA NA dramance I adored it Run to your nearest for your own millionaire highschool football star this one is MINE A tiny little thing that I loved or rather 2 things PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN T READ THE BOOK YET it s very spoilery view spoiler First of all I loved the 2 epilogues ADORABLE And then I SO loved that Dane didn t die I was so worried about him hide spoiler 4.5 Tulip Stars Dear Ava, is a novella within the Team Player 2 A Sport Anthology However, this story will be added to, and will be re published as a full length standalone novel, in early 2020 I m all over double the words, of a lengthier promised story, because this teaser pulled me in from the start I don t want to give too much always, but the prologue starts out pretty dark, and it s insight, as well as the Author s Note, keeps you guessing, and intrigued throughout Isla Madden Mills, does NA YA, sports romance like few do for me she rocks it I loved seeing Ava, become empowered and comforted in the knowledge that someone has been looking out for her all along Her love for her little brother, especially given their circumstances and up bringingheart warming I can t wait to read of this story

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