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Reading ➽ Chance Encounters  Author Linda   Wells – Chance Encounters In Jane Austen S Pride And Prejudice, Fitzwilliam Darcy Arrives At Netherfield In A State Of Indignation And Delivers An Insult That Nearly Ended His Future Before It Began What If He Did Not Go To Meryton That Autumn And Instead Met Elizabeth Bennet Later In London During The Winter What If Their Introduction Was Not An Insult, But Rather A Challenge To Smile, And How Does The Strength Of An Ex Full Description

10 thoughts on “Chance Encounters

  1. Mary Mary says:

    If you re looking for a low angst tale that includes numerous scenes of ODC, a very romantic love at first sight scenario and a long story that meanders along in a well written way, then this is the book for you It s a sweet story where Darcy and Lizzy are ve

  2. Ceri Ceri says:

    In this book Bingley hasn t gone to Netherfield yet and Darcy and Elizabeth meet in London It s a chance to see how their romance will fare if he s not immediately faced with her family proving an embarrassment, which is interesting and I enjoyed it for quite a while T

  3. Brittany Brittany says:

    What if Darcy never made it to Meryton and never had the chance to offend Elizabeth immediately What if instead her wit and cleverness warms him from day one and the two become inseparable What I loved about this variation Nearly everything I for some reason love when Mr Bennet

  4. colleen churm colleen churm says:

    Chance EncountersJust finished re reading this wonderful story by Linda Wells, everything she writes is entertaining and a bit magical in the belief of true love overcoming all obstacles I love that Darcy and Lizzie meet in town, in this tale, away from her annoying family, as it sets a d

  5. Anna Fitzwilliam Anna Fitzwilliam says:

    I probably have problem with long stories But this story felt endless I had to take a break several times, because I was just so bored.

  6. Sheila Majczan Sheila Majczan says:

    With an average of 3.9 stars for 95 reviews on , 51% being 5 stars you can imagine that this story raised some strong feelings Some of the negatives were Mr Bennet s role, the number of technical errors, and the lack of development in Darcy s and Elizabeth s relationship prior to marriage Those, plus the fac

  7. D.L. Carter D.L. Carter says:

    Long boring sections.There is a story here separated by long sections that can be flipped over If you have the patience you can get through it. After a while I began to Profile Mr Darcy and regard the ob...

  8. Carmen Carmen says:

    This book was almost a one star and as I have great admiration for those who can create a story and bring it forth on the page, I have to almost loathe a book to not give credit where credit is due While the author s treatment of the Elizabeth Darcy love affair was handled anointly I feel the author made a huge error in making

  9. Talia Talia says:

    I will read anything by this author Loved it.

  10. Carol Perrin Carol Perrin says:

    Enjoyed this variation of Austen s Pride and Prejudice Loved the way the author introduced Elizabeth and Darcy at the theatre Brilliant Love at first sight, with a smile, is indeed a welcomed change of their first meeting Lizzy up for the challenge, smiles at Darcy When his lips curve up just a little, she smiles a little , and he meets the challe

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