Birds, Beasts and Relatives MOBI ↠ Birds, Beasts

Birds, Beasts and Relatives MOBI ↠ Birds, Beasts Part coming of age autobiography and part nature guide, Gerald Durrell s dazzling sequel to My Family and Other Animals is based on his boyhood on Corfu, fromtoOriginally published inbut long out of print, Birds, Beasts and Relatives is filled with charming observations, amusing anecdotes, boyhood memories, and childlike wonder

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  1. Kevin Ansbro Kevin Ansbro says:

    Gollys, Mrs Durrells,he said, his face red with wrathWhy don ts yous lets Masters Leslies shoot the son of a bitchIn life, Gerald Durrell would light up a room and his books elicit that same warm feeling.His affection for the natural world lives on in the minds of those, who for decades, have enjoyed his magical stories.This is the second part of his Corfiot trilogy, continuing from where My Family and Oth

  2. Kimber Silver Kimber Silver says:

    My childhood in Corfu shaped my life If I had the craft of Merlin, I would give every child the gift of my childhoodGerald DurrellCorfu, Greece, as seen through the eyes of Gerry Durrell, had me digging around for my passport What a breathtaking world when viewed through his eyes The animals and other creepy crawlies were enough to keep me reading, but when he delved into the riotously rich characters, I was cap

  3. Jeanette (Again) Jeanette (Again) says:

    It takes me awhile to finish Durrell s books They re not meant to be hurried through When I do finish I m a little sad, because I want him to just keep telling meandstories I was afraid this one might not measure up to the first one, My Family and Other Animals But this second one was every bit as enchanting and entertaining as the first The two books give an account of the years the Durrell family spent living on the

  4. Laysee Laysee says:

    It is that time of year when I feel a desperate need for a vacation but I am unable to get away The next best thing is to take a virtual holiday to Corfu, a Greek island in the sun For a short spell each day, I looked forward to being back in the company of Gerry Durrell, the ardent ten year old aspiring naturalist, his exuberant family and close friends As with my first introduction to Corfu and the Durrells in My Family a

  5. Judith E Judith E says:

    Like a gentle sea breeze, Gerald Durrell has created a setting that is meditative, soothing and pure pleasure His ability to share the humor and quirkiness of his family and friends with the idyllic beauty of Greece and its bountiful creatures is perfect The Angry Barrels , the last chapter in this second book of the trilogy, exemplifies the carefree, bountiful, pre war life the Durrell s have stumbled upon It is a beautiful port

  6. Martin Martin says:

    I don t think it s a good idea for you to write this book, Gerry I second that, said Larry If you publish we ll sue you in a body Faced with such a firm and united family, bristling in their resolve to prevent me at all costs, there was only one thing I could do I sat down and wrote this book.If you ve ever read My Family and other Animals then you can also delight inhumour from Corfu in the second of the series The settingOur reasons

  7. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    So when I began listening to this, the second of Gerald Durrell s Corfu Trilogy,I was thinking this is supposed to be funny, but then I actually caught myself smiling By the end, when this family had thoroughly taken me in, I was laughing outright Here, in this book, the naturalist, conservationist and author writes of his youth in Corfu during the thirties This is a very Victorian, English family, and I don t usually enjoy the formality and

  8. Margie Margie says:

    Birds, Beasts and Relatives is the second of three books in Gerald Durrell s Corfu Trilogy All three books cover the five years that the Durrell family spent on Corfu, an idyll sadly interrupted by World War II My review of the first book in the series, My Family and Other Animals, pretty much sums up my delight in all three books although, I must say, the first book was magical However, I found myself again laughing out loud at so many of the epi

  9. Otis Chandler Otis Chandler says:

    I loved this book two kept the magic going Makes me want to move to Corfu in those simpler times Gerry is 10 in this novel and spends all his time as a budding naturalist, exploring the island and brining home crazy pets The funniest parts were some of his animals escapades such as when he dissected a dead turtle on the porch, or dragged a bear into the house both had me cracking up.But as with the first book, what is magical about this book are just th

  10. Jonathan Terrington Jonathan Terrington says:

    This was my personal favourite of Gerald Durrell s works that I read as a child It is as wittily dry as My Family and Other Animals and the prose is also as rich and lush Where Durrell excels, and what I remember him for, is in how he creates an entire book consisting of fragments of short stories It really reads as an entire story chronicling his life, though many details are no doubt highly exaggerated If you are a fan of humour, autobiographies, short stor

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