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[Ebook] ↠ Those Who Knew Author Idra Novey – Sunkgirls.info From The Award Winning Author Of Ways To Disappear, A Taut, Timely Novel About What A Powerful Politician Thinks He Can Get Away With And The Group Of Misfits Who Finally Bring Him DownOn An Unnamed Island Country Ten Years After The Collapse Of A US Supported Regime, Lena Suspects The Powerful Senator She Was Involved With Back In Her Student Activist Days Is Taking Advantage Of A Young Woman Who S Been Introducing Him At Rallies When The Young Woman Ends Up Dead, Lena Revisits Her Own Fraught History With The Senator And The Violent Incident That Ended Their RelationshipWhy Didn T Lena Speak Up Then, And Will Her Family S Support Of The Former Regime Still Impact Her Credibility What If Her Hunch About This Young Woman S Death Is Wrong What Follows Is A Riveting Exploration Of The Cost Of Staying Silent And The Mixed Rewards Of Speaking Up In A Profoundly Divided Country Those Who Knew Confirms Novey S Place As An Essential New Voice In American Fiction

10 thoughts on “Those Who Knew

  1. s.penkevich s.penkevich says:

    How did she stay true to the voices in her head as they led her into the fireAbuse of power comes in many forms and from many faces It s easy to recognize it in the actions of your opponents, but trickier to swallow when it is from those with whom you share an ideology This becomes another of the many ways abusers keep their victims silent Those Who Knew, the second

  2. Mackey Mackey says:

    Those Who Knew is one of the most timely, on point works of fiction for this era.With the opening pages of Idra Novey s sopho novel, Those Who Knew, you will be hooked into the story of politics, intrigue, masculine abuse, secrets and lies.On an unnamed island, exactly one week after the death of a young woman is ruled accidental, Lena discovers in her purse a shirt that sh

  3. Holly Holly says:

    While I appreciated this novel s ambition and stylistic difficulty the non linear telling, the slipping identities, the political plot, the elision of place names and the setting in an unnamed Latin American ish island nation I can t say I actually liked the book I actually don t understand what it was about, which is to say it was about many things but I have trouble integrating

  4. Jennifer Croft Jennifer Croft says:

    This is one of the most exhilarating novels I ve read in ages It s an astonishingly perfect mosaic intricate, gorgeous on the topic of corruption, which feels both timely and timeless It forms the most complete picture I ve ever read of this subject, providing the reader with direct access into the minds of would be revolutionaries, washed up revolutionaries, those with good intentions

  5. Doug Doug says:

    2.5, rounded up.For much of Novey s sopho novel, I was intrigued and reading quickly to find out how all the myriad and provocative plot threads would resolve themselves, interweave and form a cohesive whole Unfortunately, the novel just ENDS with no resolution and without anything making much sense Things which SEEMED to be important in the beginning the sweater, the death of Maria P just f

  6. Paul Paul says:

    Such a brilliant book of our now Politics plus figurative and literal political ghosts connect or ensnaring the lives of an expertly rendered cast of characters The result is as enraging as it is inspiring Between this novel and WAYS TO DISAPPEAR, Idra is now one of my favorite contemporary writers.

  7. Kelli Kelli says:

    Idra Novey can write Her prose is beautiful and she plays with stylistic elements to create a wholly unique reading experience Unfortunately, I closed the cover on this nuanced work feeling somewhat confused I got itI think, but there was a lot going on, not all of which was clear to me I blame me 3 stars

  8. Nadia Nadia says:

    I consider myself very, very lucky that I got to read an early copy of this highly anticipated book I loved Ways to Disappear Novey s second novel enchanted in a different way it made me ponder what we let people get away with and why Political and poetic.

  9. Drew Drew says:

    5 out of 5.So very much my kind of novel I loved what Novey did with the structure, dropping in scenes from plays and clippings from newspapers, and I loved the content of the novel itself a propulsive look at toxic masculinity in politics, at American intervention in Latin America, at the scars we leave behind us that we might not even be conscious of And the writing, my god It s playful even as it is serious, and

  10. Charlie Smith Charlie Smith says:

    Let me begin with my ending Idra Novey s Those Who Knew is beautiful, classically shaped, compulsively readable, an all too relevant exploration of the moral and ethical conundrums of our troubled times, as lavishly wrought as poetry, rendered in sensational, moving prose, a page turner work of art, layered, like prescient pentimento Get your hands on a copy of Those Who Knew as soon as you can, move it to the top of you

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