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Read ✓ Sweetie  By Jenny Tomlin – Download Sweetie Jenny Tomlin It Is The Summer Of 1976, The Hottest Summer On Record.In The Heart Of London S Bustling East End Lies A Tight Knit Community Of Families They Lead A Very Traditional Way Of Life, The Men Are Down The Pub, The Women Are Gossiping At The Toddler Group In The Working Men S Club And The Children Stay Out Late In The Long Summer Evenings, Playing In The Park And Roaming The Streets Carefree.In The Sweltering Heat, Grace Ballantyne Leaves Her Son Adam Playing In His Toy Car In The Garden When She Returns, She Finds The Door To The Car Open And Her Four Year Old Son Is Nowhere In Sight As Grace Frantically Searches, Panic Creeps In And So The Nightmare Begins.A Series Of Horrific Assaults On Young Children Spreads Through The Neighbourhood, Each One Brutal There Is Only So Much This Close Community Can Take As They Cling To One Another For Hope And Survival, The Men Beat Up The School Caretaker Who They Believe To Be The Perpetrator Of This Twisted Abuse But Have They Got The Right Man Finally, It Is The Women Who Take Control In A Battle To Protect Their Families And Seek Revenge They Make Sure The Attacker Gets His Just Desserts.

10 thoughts on “Sweetie

  1. Ruth Turner Ruth Turner says:

    This book is just a litany of violence Or at least the first half of it is A brutal rape murder of a young girlA brutal rape of a small boy.An unwarranted assault on a special needs boy who has cerebral palsy.An attempted rape of another young girl.The disappearance

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    Set in the 1970 s, in a small town in which rape, sexual assault, and murder of children was completely unheard of, yet one day a 12year old girl was discovered in a horrifying manner The girl was the first of several.The attacks begin to set the whole town on edge and

  3. Louise Louise says:

    Dont read Sick, disturbing, horrible How someone could write this piece of fiction and have the thoughts in their mind to put down on paper this is unbelievable Made me physically sick should be banned I dont even want this book in my house anyand so will hbe thrown in t

  4. Rose Rose says:

    Dont even go there I dont want to read books like this This is totally sick I dont know how someone could write this Unfortunately once i had started it I had to finish it to find out who the bad guy was and make sure he got his just desserts.

  5. Jade Jade says:

    Awful Was gross and written entirely too simply.

  6. Gillian Gillian says:

    Horrible i wouldn t recommend this book to anybody.

  7. Grace Grace says:

    4.5 starsI thoroughly enjoyed this book but could understand why some of the readers reviewers didn t Child abuse is such an emotive subject and the thought of reading a book about it nearly put me off but I decided to try it and see Yes, it was a bit too graphic at times, howev

  8. Danielle Danielle says:

    i would recommend this book as it tells you of the worst case of what people have to put up within life, but shows how through such pain how people come together some parts of the book are grafic but it gives you an insight of what they went through.the ending of the book is the b

  9. Zelda Zelda says:

    Read this book with caution, as it contains very disturbing material, which may trigger some It deals with a local pedophile, who is abusing and killing neighbourhood children It seems he is invincible, until a group of mothers band together to exact the ultimate form of revenge I f

  10. Misty Battle Misty Battle says:

    I liked the book overall There was many slow points in the book where it dragged on I loved how the mothers sought revenge and gave the bad guy a dose of his own medicine I gave it 3 stars because it could have been better asin...

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