10 thoughts on “The Dixie Widow (The House of Winslow, #9)

  1. Carol Carol says:

    I appreciate these 2 book editions It s easier to follow the stories

  2. Rachel Barr Rachel Barr says:

    Belle is called Dixie widow After the loss of her husband Vance She becomes a spy, and does things that she cannot forgive herself for Blaming her self for the loss of a decent relative Deceiving his family She is thrown in prison for treason so many Winslow are tossed in prison davis is the son of robert and jewel Winslow and the brother of lowel lowel died in the war After davis is tossed in prison, he escapes with the help

  3. Debbie Lockledge Debbie Lockledge says:

    Gilbert Morris House of Winslow series is one of my all time favorite series I have learned so much history throughout the books in this series I ve read thus far Because the series is so extensive because I have other authors I enjoy reading, I usually read a book from this series about every 3rd book The transition from each book in the Winslow series is so seamless that it s amazingly easy to pick up where the last book in the

  4. Mom Mom says:

    What a time in history to have lived through With the war between the North and the South, so many people died Families fighting against families but then having family on the opposite side worked to the benefit for Thad and Davis Each was in a bind but got help from family living in the other side of the fight they were fighting Liked the Christian theme throughout forgiveness and accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior Hate was pret

  5. Rachel Rachel says:

    This series by Gilbert Morris is one of my absolute favorites Each book follows at least one member of a generation in the Winslow family tree and the member s gets saved and finds true love There s also some commentary on the social conditions of the time frame Truly interesting.

  6. Partridge Public Partridge Public says:

    Morris, Gilbert PB

  7. Marty Marty says:

    I have this in a two for one book The other is he Wounded Yankee Interesting, huh Can t wait to read them.

  8. Jencey/ Jencey/ says:

    This novel took place during the civil war told from the confederacy prospective.

  9. Carol Carol says:

    This book follows the Civil War from 1862 thru the end Very interesting reading wonder if there are Winslow names on any of the monuments at Gettysburg

  10. Conni Conni says:

    Book 9

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