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[Epub] The Extra Cadaver Murder  By Roy Innes – Sunkgirls.info RCMP Inspector Coswell Is Back A University Professor Is Murdered And His Corpse Is Revealed To A First Year Anatomy Class In Spectacular Fashion Nude On A Slab Alongside Shrouded Medical Cadavers He Begins His Investigation With Corporal James, His Long Time Assistant, But Is Abruptly Assigned A New Partner, A Female Officer Who Arrives Under A Political Cloud Already Depressed By His Perceived Plunge Into Senility, Coswell Struggles To Stifle His Own Gender Biases And Work Effectively With This Woman.Their List Of Suspects Grows Failed Students, A Jealous Colleague, An Intriguing Ex Wife And A Criminal Cartel Clues Emerge That Send Them All Over The City Of Vancouver From UBC Campus To Downtown And Its Plethora Of Gourmet Restaurants. Not for me.Protagonist is worried about his maybe symptoms of ageing than anything else, but still is apparently being led around by his d ck sigh. RCMP Inspector Croswell is back to solve his 4th crime in The Extra Cadaver Murder This series is, without doubt, one of the finest police procedurals written by a current Canadian author.A corpse is discovered on a slab beside a shrouded medical cadaver ready or not for a first year anatomy class The story unfolds with a traditional team, Inspector Coswell, thoughtful, settled and worried about memory loss and the fallout coming and Corporal Bostock, a female detective living under a political cloud And finally there s Coswell s past partner who knew how to keep his boos in a sweet place.Author, Roy Innes style is polished, thoughtful with the action complemented by insightful study of the characters They come alive, warts, fear and intellect Dialogue and sense of place are key to the plotting and pace Innes is a story teller who triggers your imagination with a mystery that makes you think and when the book is closed, you re than satisfied A good read that I liked a lot and I may have to say later You know 6 years is a long time to wait between books in a series but I really appreciate how Roy Innes has allowed Coswell to age and while he isn t quite as hilarious as he was in the first books in this series he still is quite a different type of investigator than those found in most police procedurals I really enjoyed his struggles with accepting his new partner, Janet Bostock, not to mention his diet and his self diagnosis of his supposed health problems and

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