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[ Download ] ➶ Austenland Author Shannon Hale – Sunkgirls.info Jane Hayes Is A Seemingly Normal Young New Yorker, But She Has A Secret Her Obsession With Mr Darcy, As Played By Colin Firth In The BBC Adaptation Of Pride And Prejudice, Is Ruining Her Love Life No Real Man Can Compare But When A Wealthy Relative Bequeaths Her A Trip To An English Resort Catering To Austen Crazed Women, Jane S Fantasies Of Meeting The Perfect Regency Era Gentleman Suddenly Become Realer Than She Ever Could Have ImaginedDecked Out In Empire Waist Gowns, Jane Struggles To Master Regency Etiquette And Flirts With Gardeners And Gentlemen Or Maybe Even, She Suspects, With The Actors Who Are Playing Them It S All A Game, Jane Knows And Yet The Longer She Stays, The Her Insecurities Seem To Fall Away, And The She Wonders Is She About To Kick The Austen Obsession For Good, Or Could All Her Dreams Actually Culminate In A Mr Darcy Of Her Own

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  1. Lucy Lucy says:

    I am a Pride and Prejudice snob I only like the BBC version, with Colin Firth as Mr Darcy and Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennett While there are parts of the newer, shorter, harried, and nuance free Hollywood version I enjoy, like the supposed to be prettiest sister Jane, who is actually much prettier than the actress in the BBC version, every time I ve watched it which, I grant, is only twice , I feel angry afterwards First, Kiera

  2. Zoë Zoë says:

    The movie is one of my favorites, so I was so excited to learn that it was based on a book Unfortunately, this is one of the rare cases where I enjoy the moviethan the book Movie Jane was a raging Austen fangirl and just a tad pitiful, which was totally relatable and made me root for her Book Jane seemed to have her lifeor less together, so it wasn t as satisfying an experience Still a pleasant read and I totally want to visit Austenla

  3. Melinda Melinda says:

    I crept quietly up the dark stairway, entered my room and tried my very best to shut the door silently behind me It thudded despite my best efforts and I cringed, but Phil didn t stir in his 3 o clock in the morning slumber I sighed, relieved I felt so entirely sneaky I felt as if I had cheated and there was a sting of guilt as I looked at the distorted red figures on the alarm clock through the empty glass on the night stand Please don t

  4. Lorraine Lorraine says:

    I was so engrossed in this book I read it in an afternoon If I were still a teenager, this would be the book I d read over and over.I hate this book SPOILER ALERTWhy I mean, if it was so engrossing that I couldn t put it down, why do I hate it Because Jane Hayes, the main character, is me except that she gets to live out my fantasy and gets the happy ending only found in Austen novels.Jane is in her early 30s, in a job she likes but does not

  5. Allie Allie says:

    I read this book all the way through only because I love Jane Austen, and because the concept of the book was quirky and irresisistible It kind of felt like eating an entire bag of cotton candy I guess I just don t like chick lit, maybe But the author of this book seems to have written mostly children s books before, and this struck me as a children s book but for women And not even a well written children s book The dialogue in spots was read

  6. Brandy Painter Brandy Painter says:

    I can t believe I just gave one star to a Shannon Hale book Never thought that would happen.Review originally posted here.I really like Shannon Hale s books And I love Jane Austen It has taken me this long to get around to reading Shannon Hale s Austenland because I had a suspicion I might be disappointed The book is a light quick read perfect for summer reading If you are fan of romantic comedy, either in chick lit or chick flick form, then you m

  7. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    4 stars for this Austen inspired romantic comedy Austenland has an irresistible premise for me a vacation getaway in England for ladies who can t get enough of Mr Darcy or other Jane Austen heroes and want to pretend to live in her world for a few weeks Jane s great aunt becomes aware of her Darcy obsession A while later, when her great aunt dies, Jane is stunned to find out that she has willed Jane an overseas trip to Austenland, where hired actors

  8. Ginger Ginger says:

    I went into Austenland hoping for a fun and lighthearted book It delivered 3.5 stars Like the main character Jane Hayes, I am also a fan of Pride and Predjudice I read this book by Jane Austen at an early age and have loved historical romance since then When I saw friends on this site reading Austenland earlier this year, I had to check it out Jane Hayes is 32, single and has problems staying in relationships She s obsessed with Mr Darcy and has unreali

  9. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    Seriously, I don t even know why I bother to read any P P sequels, prequels, re tellings, or books inspired by P P They all end up being a complete and utter nonsense with the exception of Bridget Jones Diaries Austenland is no exception, unfortunately.The premise of the book is OK 33 year old Jane Hayes is single and obsessed with Pride and Prejudice Mr Darcy just like you are, admit it, otherwise you wouldn t be reading this review She inherits a 3 week

  10. Rachelle Rachelle says:

    I picked up this book at about 10 30 last night thinking that I would just read the prologue to get the basic idea and then start it tomorrow Alas it was not meant to be After about a half hour I whispered an apology to Aaron and slipped out of bed to go read in the living room After reading late into the night and a quick nap okay 5 1 2 hours I got up this morning and didn t stop until I finished it This book is so entertaining I read a lot and I have often

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