[Ebook] The Curious World of Christmas: Celebrating All That Is Weird, Wonderful, and Festive By Niall Edworthy – Sunkgirls.info

[Ebook] The Curious World of Christmas: Celebrating All That Is Weird, Wonderful, and Festive By Niall Edworthy – Sunkgirls.info PDF The Curious World Of Christmas Celebrating All That Is Weird, Wonderful, And Festive By Niall Edworthy Apasxolisi.eu Drawing On Over 2,000 Years Of Writing And Experiences From All Over The World, The Curious World Of Christmas Covers Every Remarkable Aspect Of The Largest Religious Festival On Earth This Is A Unique Treasury Of Amusing And Poignant Anecdotes, Heart Warming Stories, Ancient Customs, Forgotten Traditions, Historical Insights, Practical Tips, Bizarre Practices, Recipes, Quotations And A Scattering Of Jaw Dropping Statistics And While It Shuns Cloying Sentimentality, It Is Never Cynical Or Contemptuous The Curious World Of Christmas Wears Its Paper Hat With Pride.Chapters Include Pagan Roots Of Christmas Christmas With Our Ancestors Christmas Around The World The Origins Of Santa Claus Christmas At War Christmas Presents Shopping And DIY At Work On Xmas Day Reunions And Tantrums Volcanoes, Earthquakes And Train Crashes Xmas Traditions Xmas Weather And Food And Drink All With A Liberal Sprinkling Of Great Quotations, And Some Statistics For Good Measure.

10 thoughts on “The Curious World of Christmas: Celebrating All That Is Weird, Wonderful, and Festive

  1. Megan Megan says:

    Interesting enough Some parts were funny, others silly, still others sobering The section on war at Christmastime had some touching stories, but the section about disasters at Christmastime was depressing Otherwise, the book was filled with some amusing reflections on the history...

  2. Lesli Lesli says:

    I enjoyed this book, it has a lot of fun facts.Although I thought even though Edworthy said he was pro Christmas traditions he seemed a little passive aggressive negative through the whole book Oh well, it still had lots of fun facts about the origins of different Christmas traditions.

  3. Jo Jo says:

    2.5 I m dipping in and out of this over the Christmas holidays, skimming some of it, skipping other bits, reading other bits with enthusiasm and making notes Overall it s not as interesting or easy to read as I had hoped, but it s not bad Good December bathroom reading I thought the Swedish smorgasbord sounded quite delici

  4. Todd Stockslager Todd Stockslager says:

    Nothing new or curious here, just a fairly typical compendium of Christmas facts, certainly festive, sometimes wonderful, seldom weird although King Henry II s court fool Roland the Farter who was called on to perform his popular a leap, a whistle, and a fart routine, was a new fact I ll mix into conversation as much as possible

  5. Cait Cait says:

    Really interesting book learned lots of things I didn t know.Well presented with different sections, easy to go back and find bits.Quite funny and found myself reading bits out to people.Liked the addition of bits from p...

  6. TJ TJ says:

    I think I was gifted this book on Christmas While is it very entertaining and filled with many fun facts about this joyous holiday I found myself to be a very large grinch and my mind wandered frequently when trying to finish it.But I was glad...

  7. Jessie Jessie says:

    Great seasonal reading The book is an interesting blend of origin stories of aspects of Christmas, historical facts about things mostly tragic that happened around the holidays and primary research direct quotes and personal...

  8. Laura Moore Laura Moore says:

    As someone who is totally obsessed with all things Christmassy I really loved this book with its mixture of quirky facts and historical information The only reason I didn t give it 5 stars is that the font size was so small I almost needed a magnifying glass to read it

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    Not what I was expecting, but entertaining nonetheless lots of interesting and curious tidbits about my favorite holiday set up in sort of a Reader s Digest format, the little snippits of facts and stories made for a quick read Enjoyed.

  10. Bridgette Bridgette says:

    Reads like the unorganized notes of an author who meant to write a book from his research A bibliography would have been appreciated too, or at least a list of works loosely cited throughout Many of the snippets were interesting, but most were too general or without context.

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