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[Epub] ↠ A Great Big Shining Star Author Niall Griffiths – Sunkgirls.info Interesting spin on the nauseating all pervading world of Celebrity. PDF A Great Big Shining Star By Niall Griffiths Airdomains.co.uk Sixteen Year Old Grace May Be From A Small Coastal Village But She S Not Staying There She Has Huge Dreams, And Knows From Television And Magazines That She Can Get To The Big City, She Can Be A Star, Simply By Changing From A Duckling To A Swan It Doesn T Take Much A Little Silicone And Surgery Here And There Enhancement And Augmentation Nose, Breasts, Lips, Hair, Teeth, Nails Then With The Right Clothes And A New Tan She Ll Be Ready Ready To Be Seen, Consumed And Adored By Millions On YouTube, Television And Lifestyle Magazines Grace Will Become A Celebrity.Someone, Though, Remembers Her As An Ordinary, Pretty Schoolgirl Living In A Rural Paradise A Place Of Simple, Natural Beauty As School Caretaker He Once Bandaged Her Knee When She Fell, And Now, When He Sees How Utterly Grace Has Changed, He Sees Clearly How Far The World Has Fallen Since Those Days Taking Him With It The Collision Of Their Two Lives, Their Two Very Different Trajectories, Can Only End In Catastrophe.Written With A Raging, Lyrical Fury, This Is A Devastating Satire On A Society Fixated On Image And Celebrity How Innocence And Individuality Are Routinely Sacrificed For The Totems Of Sex And Wealth And Glamour A Magnificent Howl Of Anger And Despair At A Culture Disintegrating Into A Brittle Cult Of Fame. Its been a long time since I have read Niall Griffiths I think this is his most recent, and only unread work.Packed full of intelligence, it a vehicle for Griffith to dissect today s celebrity culture You know what to expect and it ain t going to be pretty.Told through too characters a 16 year old girl, egged on my her mother to become a celebrity initially through plastic surgery and then getting involved with a group of footballers Her notoriety grows through pop stars and a manager Its fun, but obvious to spot, who their real life counterparts are.The other character is a lost and lonely school caretaker from the same town He knows the way he is living his life is not right but seems powerless to change things There is a backstory, which is played out over the course of the book He sees the girl s story and remembers her fr Shockingly brutal and a sad indictment of the fickle fame game and the z list celebrities who are members. I thought grits was much better A bit too much flowery ranting in between snippets of hard core porn and a depressing view of modern life. Dark and an interesting view of reality tv stars and a very nougties feel but not his best work This is the best book I ve read this year.It made me flinch, frequently, with its unblinking account of bodily distress, surgery, distortion, the suffering of spiders, the tiny murders that occur every millisecond in this mad beautiful world It frequently made me laugh and want to cheer at how effectively Niall Griffiths demolishes our debased culture, made me feel less alone, too, at the sense of how closely his rage at this ridiculous shallow meaninglessness mirrors my own rage at this ridiculous shallow meaninglessness Pure and justifiable anger but then as the plot reaches denouement, rather predictably it has to be said, I wondered if maybe the way that things unfolded perhaps undermined and devalued the power of the satire because of the voice in which they re expressed and the thing that the possessor of that voice does But I realised that really the story could not unfold any other way, tabloidesque, reality TV style, l

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