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[ Download ] ➵ The Last Man in the World  Author Abigail Reynolds – Sunkgirls.info What If The Last Man In The World She Could Be Prevailed Upon To Marry Is Her Husband In Jane Austen S Pride And Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet Tells The Proud Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy That She Wouldn T Marry Him If He Were The Last Man In The WorldBut What If She Never Said The Words What If Circumstances Conspired To Make Her Accept Darcy The First Time He Proposes In This Installment Of Abigail Reynolds S Acclaimed Pride And Prejudice Variations, Elizabeth Agrees To Marry Darcy Against Her Better Judgment, Setting Off A Chain Of Events That Nearly Brings Disaster To Them Both

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  1. Laurel Laurel says:

    This Pride and Prejudice variation asks readers What if Elizabeth Bennet had accepted Mr Darcy s first proposal After reading this question in the book s description my first reaction was, ACK, why would she Like the two other novels by this author that I have read, the story begins on familiar ground at a certain point in Austen s novel and then quickly takes a lef

  2. Abbi Abbi says:

    A friend lent me two of these books the other was From Lambton to Longbourn , gushing about how incredible they were and how she couldn t put them down I admit I was very excited about them I love what if premises and thought that the ideas had really great promise at least from what was written on the back of the book I was very stunned as I read to discover how out of char

  3. Leslie Leslie says:

    It took me two pages to realize that this is not for me It seems every p p sequel I have piled up to give myself for Christmas is garbage I must be the only person on the planet who is not at all interested in Darcy and Lizzie s sex lives You see all those classics on my booklist There s a reason for that Modern writing is 99% garbage I think I ll go pile up some Dumas and Trollope a

  4. Sandra Sandra says:

    Whoa So not like the characters at the beginning of the book If you can imagine things happening the way they did though, their lives filled with much misundersranding I actually wept several times during reading this When there was about to be a moment of tenderness, then it the misunderstandings happened over and over again Will my lovers ever connect and realize the love for each other YES

  5. Misty Misty says:

    Edit Read this for the first time in Juneand then again after I wrote my review in August.Edit 2 Just read this again It s the beginning of November Appears every 2 months reread Every time, I see these HUGE flaws, and every time I just don t give a teeny, tiny fuck This review turned out super short There are things I thought I wanted to say, warnings I wanted to give, but nope This is it If you like

  6. Nonky Nonky says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This is the most commercially romance novel of the PP variations It shows the fallout of Darcy s first proposal as a marriage that Elizabeth has to agree to in order to save her reputation She arrives at Pemberley on the first page, hating her new husband and feeling desperately alone There was quite a bit of sex, but none of it ov

  7. Andreea Drăgan Andreea Drăgan says:

    I have a real problem.

  8. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) says:

    Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy, originally published as The Last Man in the World in 2007, is an engaging and clever variation of Pride and Prejudice If you have not yet had the pleasure of encountering this series, The Pemberley Variations, by Abigail Reynolds, it is collection of Pride and Prejudice re tellings that asks the question what if In these variations we see how one small change in the plot can alter the course of Pride and P

  9. Rosa Folgar Rosa Folgar says:

    Deliciously angsty It literally hurt my chest to read some of the parts It s a little Wuthering Heights Pride and Prejudice Finished in ONE SITTING Forgive me if I m a little incoherent Ummm.overall, predictable, because of course we know the outcome, but still very enjoyable It is like a favorite chick flick feel good movie U know there s gonna b a happy ending, but u still like torturing urself till the last possible moment Maybe it s

  10. Shala K. Shala K. says:

    I continue to enjoy this series of variations on Pride and Prejudice this one, which explores what would have happened if Elizabeth had accepted Darcy s original proposal, is predictably the saddest of the bunch, but it also offers the most in terms of emotional range The others are a bit one note, or I suppose, two note in that Elizabeth and Darcy are either passionately ignoring the proprieties or having fights This one does a better job of ca

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