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[PDF / Epub] ★ Becoming a Rare Find  By George Anders – Sunkgirls.info Becoming A Rare Find Epub Author George Anders Escortkibris724.live Why Don T Employers Take A Optimistic View Of People S Potential Why Is There Such A Fixation On A Few Bullet Point Highlights Of Candidates Resumes, To The Point That Most Applicants Are Quickly Cast Aside As Not Good Enough Why Is There Such Unwillingness To Get To Know What Job Seekers Are All About What If You Could Change The Rules What If You Could Capture The Attention Of Employers Who Should Be Hiring You, Persuading Them To See You On Your Terms Becoming A Rare Find Will Show You How To Approach Job Hunting In Ways That Play To Your Strengths If You Are A Natural Project Manager, Then Develop A Project Plan If You Like Marketing, Build A Marketing Campaign That Centers On Reasons Why Employers Should Want You Whatever Approach You Settle On And No Matter What Job You Want You Will Get A Better Chance To Show Your Fire You Will Escape The Clutter Of Job Posting Stampedes, Where The Odds Of Winning Even A Barista S Job Can Be Slimmer Than The Chances Of Getting Into Harvard You Will Start Finding Jobs Through The Hidden Market, Where They Are Sometimes Never Announced, And You Will Discover The Value Of Small Companies With Big Ambitions Finally, You Will Learn How To Rearrange Your Social Media Profiles So That When Great Employers Look For Talent, They Will Find You.

10 thoughts on “Becoming a Rare Find

  1. Andrienne Andrienne says:

    This book had a lot of nuggets to make it a worthwhile read, but it seems to have a particular audience in mind recent college graduates and those willing to work in the tech companies Social media is mentioned, something that not a lot of people would normally think of when they imagine becoming a rare find This is a short book that can be

  2. Nicki Markus Nicki Markus says:

    This was a book title that jumped out at me as, when I saw it on NetGalley, I had been looking for a job for over four months without success As it happens, I was finally offered a position a couple of days ago, so my hunt is over, but I still thought this book might be worth a read.Now, the book does focus mainly on the US in terms of its commentary

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