10 thoughts on “Pilgrimage, Volume 2

  1. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    From the first few pages her technique has already developed and progressed from Honeycomb look at how she moves from third to first personWhen she turned out the gas the window spaces remained faintly alight with a soft light like moonlight At the window she found a soft bluish radiance cast up from below upon the opposite walls and windows It wen

  2. Ronald Morton Ronald Morton says:

    All that has been said and known in the world is in language, in words all we know of Christ is in Jewish words all the dogmas of religion are words the meaning of words change with people s thoughts Then no one knows anything for certain Everything depends upon the way a thing is put, and that is a question of some particular civilization Culture comes thr

  3. Martin Koerner Martin Koerner says:

    When alerted to the fact that a book has no narrative , two albeit similar question arise 1 Will I want to keep on reading if there s no central narrative thread to pull me through and 2 Will the lack of drama and events leave me bored The answer to question one, as regards Dorothy Richardson, is a very firm Yes Her writing style despite my having read in some places

  4. Deanne Deanne says:

    The Tunnel, one of the longer books Miriam now works at a dental centre, the book reflects her thoughts about life, her family and those around her.Interim, is just that a short book in which Miriam goes away to a boarding house There she meets a group of char...

  5. Pip Pip says:

    Miriam settles as an independent young woman, working as a dentist s assistant and living in a boarding house She wrestles with feelings of inadequacy while relishing the opportunity to learn through attending lectures Some...

  6. Book Wormy Book Wormy says:

    More of the same Miriam is not a very nice person, the story is not that interesting but at least Interim was a quick read for me.

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